ryouandryou (ryouandryou) wrote in fakers,

Hello all!

My name is Ryou Bakura, and its really nice to meet you all! I enjoy tabletop role-playing games, reading, and things like that, and I really hope you come to like me! I'm told there's someone on television who looks a lot like me, but I don't watch much television, so I can't exactly say...
Please respond whenever you like and I hope you enjoy my entires! Oh, and if you see someone posting in red, don't worry because

That means I'm here, rather than right behind you. I'm the OTHER Bakura- The much, much more interesting one. And I too shall be posting from time to time, since I'm his "Dark Half" or whatever, and plan on hijacking his entries when his prattling gets on my nerves... You can leave messages for me, too. In fact, you should- Mabye, if more people like me than him, then he'll go away.

Wishful thinking, i know.

... Oh, and this introduction might wind up being "cross-posted", or however that phrase goes. I just don't have the paitence to type in multiple unique introductions, I mean, how do you modern-day mortals use these... "Key-Boards"? They're so tiny, i'm suprised your fingers don't get stuck like this...
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