Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson (_mel_gibson_) wrote in fakers,
Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson

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Hello ..

I'm new here. Hi? Thought I'd join, seems fun. :)
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Welcome to this community.

I am Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon ever created. Perhaps we could befriend and learn from one another.
Hey Mewtwo, I'm not that familiar with the Pokemon, though my youngest boy I think collects the cards. Mind if I add you to my friends list? :)
I do not mind at all; in fact, I shall add you to my friends list when I can.

As for Pokemon Cards, I find them... nerve-wracking. At least one very hazardous incident of which I have heard has been carried out in the name of a card named after my predacessor, Mew... although I suppose that has more to do with the psychological instability of the human who owned the card than it is the card itself.

Other Pokemon merchandise is less... infamous.