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Faking Artfully

Hello there everyone!

I'm a wanna be writer who always has trouble getting started. I enjoy feedback so much, to the point where that is often what keeps me going, and suddenly, one day, it occured to me...

Why not make a Character Journal on LJ for a storyline that I have a lot of plans for, but can never seem to get going on? (I also joined this Community to "advertise", because a Character journal is the ultimate in faking, right?)

Hence started the 2 Souled project, a Journal online for the character Quinn Dean. A storyline in which the readers have a say, and have a chance to change or alter Quinn's future simply by being her online friends and comrades.

If you want to participate, or know someone who would, please do!! This project is really exciting to me, An Authoress, but it won't get anywhere with out some reader support!

Please just go here to start at the beginning: http://qd-2-souls.livejournal.com/

Thank You! I hope to have a great time writing with you all in the future!
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